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St. George Day Spa opens new division; grand opening ceremony planned for St. George Med Spa

by St George Med Spa on

St George Day Spa is excited to announce the opening of their new division – St George Med Spa – and they will be celebrating with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday.... Read full article

Conventional vs Custom LASIK


Just like fingerprints, everyone’s eyes are their own unique combination of swirls, slopes and tiny pits. Custom LASIK fixes many issues that Conventional LASIK can't.... Read full article

Platinum Real Estate Professionals offers more for sellers & buyers


When it comes time to sell a home, there are dozens of discount websites offering their low fee, no frills services. How do you choose the right one?... Read full article

Summit Athletic Club building community through fitness


When members come to one of the three Summit Athletic Club facilities, they are getting more than just a workout, they are building a community.... Read full article

Q&A with Red Cliffs Mall


Red Cliffs Mall in St. George was recently named best shopping center in Southern Utah. We sat down with the general manager, Cory Ashby, to talk about the mall’s success in the age of and what’s next for Red Cliffs.... Read full article

The Putnam Plumbing family more than a name


Families come in many shapes and sizes and at Putnam Plumbing it also includes its employees and customers.... Read full article

No project is too big or too small for Ogden's


No project is too big or too small for Ogden’s staff, but they love getting in on the ground floor of the planning process.... Read full article

Why your business needs video surveillance


Cameras don’t lie. But the quality of the security cameras a business chooses matters.... Read full article

Red Fort Cuisine provides authentic taste of India in St. George


The restaurants high ceilings, traditional metal serving bowls and curved archways all help transport customers to India, but it’s the food that really carry people to the streets of Delhi where the historic Red Fort still stands today.... Read full article